Tips to Transitioning into Assisted Living

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For some of us change can be a hard transition and can be very overwhelming and stressful at times. One big common change that we have all dealt with at some point in our lives is moving. Whether it’s moving closer to a bigger city or moving across the country, it never seems to be as easy for anyone. As age passes by, we may find moving to be more challenging because of what we may be giving up; it may be the family memories or a home full of precious belongings we may not be willing to leave behind.

Though moving may be challenging, sometimes moving somewhere that may be beneficial for our health and safety might be the best change we’ve made. When it comes down to transitioning your loved ones from their private home to senior living in Peoria, AZ it may be tough, here are some helpful tips to make the difficult process go smoothly:

  1. Plan Ahead and Organize

Stay organized and get a head start of things. Figure out the floor plan of the unit including wall measurements ready so that you can easily get a visual of what they are getting into.

When moving your elderly loved ones to their new senior living Peoria, AZ will involve downsizing. Sort everything in categories to make the process easier. Put aside personal treasures that they might want to bring with them.

  1. Have a family plan

It’s essential that you figure out when the family and friends visiting hours are, then set up a schedule where you and your family will come to visit. You don’t want them feeling like you just put them in this assisted living home and abandoned them. While it may take time to adjust, encourage them to join in on the many various social activities and events that are offered every day at their new community.

  1. Plan the big move and expect a few small bumps

It’s that time; while there are plenty of options for moving, cost can be a big factor. Depending on the size of your home and the location of the assisted living, options may vary. If there is not much to move, plan a day where all of the family is available. Make it so that everyone including family members and/or close friends can take a few days off of work to help your elderly loved one transition to their new home. This will show how supportive and caring everybody is and can easily easy the emotional stress of moving as well.

Transitioning your loved one to an assisted living home can be difficult; but if you follow these tips you can easily make this process run smoothly. If you have any questions about our facility at Because We Care, give us a call and we would be more than happy to assist you! Because You Care is one of the best nursing homes in Peoria, AZ, you and your loved ones are guaranteed to feel safe, important and loved.


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