Here are a few of the testimonials that Because We Care Assisted Living Group Home has gathered over the years of service.

“They treat me like a queen here.  I’ve never been pampered like this in my life.”

– Millie Jane

“I came to Because We Care with a lot of trepidation.  I had been told I couldn’t live alone anymore.  This was a real hurdle for me.  When I was released from the hospital, they brought me here.  WHAT A WELCOME!  They met me with open arms and made me feel like family immediately.  I thank God for being lucky enough to live here.  They make me feel special.  Come see us.  You’ll see what a wonderful place this is.”

– Shirley

“The minute I walked in I knew this was the right place for my aunt.”

–  Ed L.

“I know my mother is safe and well cared for.  She’s happy again.”

–  Brad P.