How to Help Your Parents Adjust to Assisted Living

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We have to admit it. Transitioning to assisted living Peoria, AZ, or senior living Peoria, AZ, can be difficult on both the family and the person. Then again, that doesn’t mean you can just let things happen. There are things you can do to make the transition sweet and easy. Below are some useful tips.

  1. Set up the room with things that bring good memories.

There is nothing worse than living in a bare room with no personal items or at least photos. Therefore, help your parents set up their new room with photo albums, books, pillows, and blankets. To give you a better idea what things to put, try to put yourself in your parents’ shoes. Think of objects that would help you easily adapt to your new environment.

  1. Keep a steady supply of your parents’ favorite treats.

If your family came from a different country, then it is important that you provide an ample supply of your parents’ favorite treats. Somebody from the Philippines, for instance, may feel loved and nurtured if there are Filipino treats and snacks around.

  1. Consider playing good music.

As much as possible, inform the staff about your parents’ favorite songs. Even better, provide music players in their room preloaded with their favorite tunes. With music, they quickly get engaged. They even become calmer and less agitated.

  1. Bring a complete wardrobe.

Although this seems very obvious, many seem to forget about this. Before you take your parents to assisted living Peoria, AZ, or senior living Peoria, AZ, double check their wardrobe. Be sure they have enough clothes to wear. Also, check if the clothes are of the right size. It would be great if you pack those clothes that are easy to wear, too! These things make a great difference.

  1. Keep communication lines open.

They are still your parents, so they would really much appreciate you taking even a minute of your day to talk to them. Thus, leave your phone number with the staff in case they would like to hear your voice. You can also prepare a big calendar, where you mark those dates when you will be communicating or visiting them.

  1. Think of ways to keep your loved ones confident and happy.

Though it seems hard, figure out ways on how to encourage your parents to do the things they love even in a new environment. If they love to spend time in the garden, ask the staff of the assisted living Peoria, AZ, if there are areas where they can cultivate plants.

  1. Do not be worried.

This is perhaps the best thing you can ever do for your parents, especially if they are suffering from memory loss. Of course, they don’t need an added baggage at the time of the transition. If you think it is too hard for you to handle, seek help from the staff of the senior living Peoria, AZ.

Even if these are easy and small steps, they can significantly impact the lives of your parents. So, do your job and make it easy for them to adjust to their new living environment.

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