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Assisted living is more than just a home for your elderly loved ones. It’s a home where our elderly loved ones will feel safe, comfortable and happy while living there; so we have to consider some factors first. Is it the location? What social activities are offered? Or what is the level of care and supervision provided? Assisted living should fit your family’s circumstances perfectly, even if it means taking the time to really sit and brainstorm before making this big decision.

At Because We Care Peoria, AZ, we provide residents with the highest quality of adult personal, supervisory, and directed care. We take pride in making sure you and your loved ones are taken cared with the utmost respect and compassion possible.

At Because We Care, we treat our residents like family and provide our residents with everything they need to thrive physically, socially and mentally –

  • Cooked meals: We offer residents three home-cooked meals daily that provide balance nutrition. Residents are also offered snacks throughout the entire day.
  • Social and enrichment activities: Residents have a variety of social activities to choose from: board games, free cable TV, card games, bingo, arts and crafts and much more.
  • Phone with unlimited free long distance: We provide unlimited phone usage while providing unlimited long distance phone-calls as well.
  • High-speed internet: Residents have access to unlimited usage of high-speed internet. This allows for residents to have the opportunity to Skype with family whenever they wish.
  • Transportation to and from church or other social activities outside of home: We provide transportation for those who want to attend Sunday church and/or any outside activities held outside of the facility.
  • Trained staff with round-the clock care: We offer continual care from our certified health care workers available 24 hours a day.

Why choose us?

Because We Care is dedicated to providing a safe and dependable home-style environment, complete with individualized treatment for each and every resident. Our facilities promise you and your family the highest quality care and just the right balance of service and support to suit any lifestyle.

We ensure that our residents needs and comfort is one of our number one priorities. We strive to create an environment you and your loved ones enjoy. Offering high quality services and amenities you won’t receive anywhere else. If you have additional questions about our facility, call us today at 480-766-2973, our staff will be more than happy to assist you.


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